By performing industry specific consulting services, as well as serving as unbiased litigation experts and legal witnesses, our goal is to establish adequate plans and programs that protect the guests, employees, and assets of the hospitality client. We will recommend cost beneficial and practical solutions to reduce risks that could cause significant losses and/or liabilities by conducting a comprehensive review and audit of your fire and life safety, IT and physical security analysis, project management, and training programs.

Many companies claim that they provide security consulting along with other services, such as providing security guards or installing alarm or camera systems. Sometimes, companies use "security consulting" as a sales gimmick to help them sell security merchandise or guard services.

HSCG does only one thing - providing independent safety and security consulting services. We don't sell security equipment or software, we don't sell guard services, we don't conduct investigations - we just do safety and security consulting. We feel that it is tough for a consultant to be expert on more than one subject and impossible for a consultant who also sells security products to be perceived as being truly objective.

In some cases, a client may have a need for one or more services that HSCG does not provide. To address these situations, HSCG maintains an informal relationship with a large network of other safety and security providers to whom a referral can be made. We also maintain relationships with other safety and security consultants who are subject matter experts in specific areas (such as computer security or bomb blast protection) and we won’t hesitate to recommend these specialty consultants when needed.

In almost all cases, HSCG will encourage a direct relationship between the client and the other service provider—as opposed to us acting as a general contractor or middleman. We never accept a commission or finders fee for referring one of our clients to another provider.

In some cases, we may be brought into a project by another service provider such as a guard company or security systems integrator. We accept these projects only with the understanding by all parties that HSCG always acts in the best interests of the end-user client. In no case will we alter our advice or provide recommendations that favor the vendor who recommended us if it is not in the client’s best interests. We greatly value our independence and go out of our way to avoid business arrangements that pose a potential for a conflict of interest.